10 steps to prepare Lalipat fun…..

Lalipat Choices!

Water Melon Sobolo is another set of  our product. Sometimes you don’t need to stress yourself before you eat fruit… Every thing is packed in Lalipat fun Sobolo when you get one bottle or a sachet . We have all kinds of fruit in the drink depending on what you like.

Water melon is naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. It is packed with many essential nutrients including rich in antioxidants, Improve  eye health, Purifies kidneys, reduces high blood pressure and many more……. Don’t miss this Natural taste.

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Experience the Taste

Many times, mango peels are often discarded without a second thought. Do you know Mango peel has an excellent compliment than meats including fish,chicken, turkey, pork etc?Nutritional Values of Mango peels

A mango peel contains many of the same nutrite as the flesh and some of them are even in higher qualities than the main “Meat” or fruit.. A mango has around 24(g) of sugar and 28(g) of Carbs, almost all of which come from the flesh itself.

Using mango for Sobolo is one of the best nutritional local beverage you will get to taste. We don’t only use the  flesh but also squeeze the peel to add more.  Here what it does contain; For any one who wants strong eyes and a healthy immune system should try using and eating mango peels.

Lalipat Fun Sobolo brings you natural taste!

Trying Time

Have you tried sobolo with pineapple and Mango taste. It right before you. Crab your lalipat fun Sobolo with sweet pineapple and mango without any artifical addictive for 1gh per bottle. It so Sweeeet n Nutritious .

Bissap/ Sobolo

This is Hibiscus petal, popularly called Sobolo leaf. It contains Resveratrol which 100% helps to reduce heart disease . the leaf in it natural nature can do so many things. It became more healthy to cosume when sweet Fruits are added to make it tasty……You can boil it with pineapple peels and drink it raw without sugar. It a quick malaria antidote.

Philosophy behind Lalipat fun sobolo

The Creative mind is the playful mind. Philosophy is the play and dance of ideas. By ERIC HOFFER.# A brief section with incubators @ Hopin Academy and some Denmark pals enjoying Lalipat fun.# don’t miss out. # Be part of the Family.