5 Reasons to Drink lALIPAT FUN SOBOLO

The Hibiscus leaf contains resveratrol which help to reduces heart diseases , lalipat fun Sobolo has also made it easier for consumers to have easy bales because of the fresh roughage intentionally leaf in the drink to prevent constipation and bladder infection. It strengthening the immune system by protecting it from COLDS and other bacterial infections and also defense mechanisms against other infection.

The addition of natural ingredients like pineapple and orange makes Lalipat fun Sobolo more healthier and helps to reduce cholesterol level. our sugar level is minimize because of the natural sweetness of the fruits we use. Lowered cholesterol level also lead to low risk of heart diseases.

Drinking a sufficient among of Sobolo per day has shown to reduce blood pressure level in hypertension adults, Incorporating  Lalipat fun Sobolo into ones diets helps to reduce Blood Pressure.

APHRODISIAC are food or drinks that stimulate sexual desire. Therefore Sobolo acting as aphrodisiac helps in stimulating ones sexual desires and allows for a healthy LIBIDO

Studies has proven that drinking Sobolo after  meal has been shown to aid in Weight Control. the oxidants in the Hibiscus tea helps to reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and helps in Weight Loss, therefore drinking lalipat fun Sobolo as required has many benefits as it is packed with Vitamin C, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates………….Lalipat Fun Sobolo> your nutritional natural taste.




Hisbiscus tea popularly called Sobolo is a delicious healthy drink made from the petals of Hisbiscus flower and is widely appreciated and drink in most of African and the World. The French people called it “Bissap” while most dominant communities and town in Ghana called it Sobolo buh when you go to western Region it popularly called Bissap because of the losseness of the French border. 

Sobolo has gained much popularity among Ghanaians so much that, there are many variation of the drink now. The availability of the leaf has made it common to prepare and most doers has neglected the essential nutrition that needs to be added to make the drink rich. The richness of sobolo beverage include adding pineapple, orange, watermelon and other ingredients to improve taste.